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Monday, May 18, 2020

Our Interior Castles

This picture made me think of Teresa of Avila's interior castle.
Maybe I only have a small dwelling, but I hope it is on the sea. In this time of sheltering in place when we have all been housecleaning and decluttering, it is good to imagine how we are keeping our interior dwelling. Is it ready for Jesus who is always with us? 

Beatrice Bruteau in her book, "Radical Optimism: Practical Spirituality in an Uncertain World" says the was are "to feel ourselves transparent, so that this light of the Source can shine through us. It is as though each of us had been a many-faceted crystal, painted over in various colors. We could see how we were different and separate from each other because the colored paint made each of us quite visible--by reflected light--with definite boundaries. Now the power of renunciation--letting go our interest in our personality and our pride--dissolves the superficial decorations, washes the painted colors away, and let the light shine through the pure crystal. When this happens, the crystal as such becomes almost invisible, so the light pouring through it floods out to the whole environment."

Let us pray for this transparency!

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