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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Stress Therapy

"Stress is a natural part of everyone's life. It's the physical and emotional agitation you feel when faced with threats and opportunities. Life is filled with events--big and small, happy and sad--that bring about stress."

That is a direct quote from the Foreword of Stress Therapy written by Tom McGrath and Illustrated by R.W. Alle. It is one of the Elf-help booklets printed by Abbey Press. I had a whole collection of them at one time, but gave all away except the one on Stress Therapy which has some good helps for me to share, probably in my own words. Some stress is good and keeps us going forward. I felt that kind of stress when writing my dissertation and I think we all have some stress when we know we have a deadline or must finish something and the stress gives us the courage and will power to meet the deadline. However, we need to watch that our lives are not in constant stress. I think the week end was first invented to help us all relax and rest. Now, even Sunday has become a busy day with the stores open. Maybe this "sheltering in place" is stressful for you, but could be a time of relaxation for many.

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