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Friday, May 1, 2020

May has arrived!

This May is different from all the Mays we have lived before and I think we are all ready to enjoy the lovely weather - I do know that there are storms and floods but California is gorgeous and so I am welcoming this month with the firm intention to get outside more. I have loved being in my room and always seem to have many things to do so I mostly get outside when I walk to meals and to the Chapel as Westwood is a separate building. I do walk around the patios to say the rosary and will try to be faithful to that during May. I also usually try to walk around the track in the evening with one of the Sisters after supper. Others walk in the morning but I am usually praying both before and after our 7:30 breakfast. 
We continue to have a lovely Liturgy of the Word each morning that begins with the song, "Be still and know that I am God."

What do you do in prayer? I just sit there and let God be God. You need to let go of everything and relax to sit in His presence. You are there, surrendered, open, transparent, and God is there with you. He is closer to my true self than I am myself and knows me better than I know myself. He loves me better than I love myself. Just be.

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