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Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day and Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie

Today we celebrate twice: it is the Feast of our Mother Foundress, St. Madeleine Sophie and it is also a national holiday, Memorial Day. We are having a prayer service for the entire Province in honor of Sophie. She still watches over her little Society and each of us. I have had several real encounters with her. One was when I was visiting in Belgium and in the Chapel at Jette where her body is still intact under the altar, but so life looking. Now she has been moved to Paris, but I had this wonderful time with her sitting on a little chair very close to her. We had a real dialogue. I was on my way to Rome to do my dissertation research on "Union and Conformity with the Heart of Jesus: A Key Phrase in the Spirituality of St. Madeleine Sophie." I wrote that dialogue with her down, but think it was in one of the many Journals I destroyed before moving out here. 
Reading all of Sophie's letters (at least I read over 1,000 as I read all her letters to members of the Society and also read all of her Conferences that were printed), made her seem very close to me. I had also had a terrific experience my first year in Chile when she appeared to me in a dream and gave me spiritual direction. I still remember her presence and the peace she gave me, but, alas, do not remember her words to me.
All of us love her and feel her presence in our lives so it is good to have a special day to honor her.
Memorial Day takes second place this year!

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