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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Moments of transition

I read this quote from Richard Rohr and want to share it:

"In moments of transition, we are simply to be. We are to pause and acknowledge that a transition is taking place. Instead of seeking to abruptly pass through a threshold, we are to tarry. . . . A new reality is emerging, but we cannot see beyond the threshold. All we know is that we exist in this moment, where everything is in transition. We may experience a new way of being, but we cannot yet sense what it will look like. "

To continue to share my thoughts on the Good Shepherd, I think I was influenced by the many sheep in Chile and Malta. They do fill the roads and are not at all willing to move when you arrive in a bus or car. When the shepherd is present, with the help of his dog, the sheep slowly move to the side of the road, but the shepherd is very watchful and guards his flock. He does have names for the sheep and they do respond to being called by name. I think I have mentioned before that our little house in Osorno was in a meadow belonging to the parish and surrounded by a small number of sheep. They had been given Biblical names and actually responded to them. But they were so dumb that they had to be shown where food was put out for them. 
What I really wanted to say today is that I have often felt the presence of Jesus in my life carrying me tenderly home. He comes when He sees I need a shepherd.

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