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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Make a Decision to Love

Our roses are spectacular this year. There are over a dozen on almost every bush in our patio. Some are red, some white, some yellow, some pink, some a mixture as this picture shows. What beauty surrounds us at Oakwood! Now, our gardener cannot come because of the "shelter in place" so every rose bush is heavy with both full blooming roses and new buds.

I wonder how the interior life of each of us is blooming today? I know this time of isolation is a time of grace for many and they are taking more time for prayer and reflection. I find the silence here has deepened and helped me to be aware of the presence of God in each of us. 
One suggestion I gave my retreatants was to write a letter to Jesus about how we are feeling right now and maybe what we want to thank Him for or whatever we want to say. I am doing this but have not finished the letter. 

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