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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Contemplative Exercise

 I am coloring my Psalms Coloring Book with colored pencils. Each page takes ages to do, but I am finding it so contemplative. One slows down, is really quiet and I just think it was a wonderful gift and I am finding it helpful, restful, prayerful, and very enriching. It is also fun and the perfect pastime for one in quarantine. 

My students both brought over large bouquets of flowers for me last week. While I did have fun sharing a delightful "care" package full of goodies from Trader's Joe's, I did not think about sharing my flowers and so have two large bouquets plus an orchid that came with the Care Package that also contained an Amazon gift card which I immediately spent on books - you can see that I am spoiled. It made the week pass, but the truth is that I feel I have been in quarantine for a month instead of only 15 days. However, the time passes quickly as I love to read and am enjoying having more time.

Many of you are not in strict quarantine, but I hope you are enjoying slowing down, having more time to read, to be with family. Two students have told me that the one thing they have enjoyed is having all the family home - both have older siblings who have been away from home so they said it was great having more time as a family. I thought that was high praise because these are teenagers ready to leave home themselves. 

How has the pandemic impacted you? Someone told me that she had to turn off the TV as she was watching too much political news. I get the news on my I-pad and do not need the TV except I may watch a bit of football. I miss autumn and we are going to have more hot weather.

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