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Monday, October 12, 2020

We celebrate Canadian Day as well as Columbus Day

 Since the United States and Canada are one Province, we celebrate this day with our Sisters in Canada. Since I am in quarantine and now able to even go to the Chapel, I shall just pray for them here in my room. 

Someone came and put disinfectant on all the door knobs, but also did the keyboard of my computer and it is so sticky that I shall not write much today. I will be having my morning zoom with my Spirituality Group of wonderful mothers. We are reading the newest Encyclical
, Pope Francis' Fratelli Tutti: On fraternity and Social Friendship. We will just do one chapter each week. There are 8 chapters and about 92 pages but really worth reading.

The first chapter gives a picture of the darkness the Pope sees in our world today. I was struck by his pointing out that there is a culture of indifference. Human rights are not respected and the Pope says that although we are now connected globally, we do not act as neighbors. 

The second chapter is much more positive, but the whole is a challenge to each of us to love one another. 

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