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Friday, October 30, 2020

It is the eve of Halloween

 What are you doing this year for Halloween? I know the school is having an evening drive through to pick up candy. I asked about going out to wave to the students and was told that it is not to be done this time because of our quarantine. I shall go to the Chapel and watch from the windows there. In the meantime, two of the Sacred Heart Society prepared 57 little brown bags full of goodies for each of us and then we received another bag of candy this morning from our own wonderful directors and so we will have candy at least to Advent even if we try to share with our helpers. 

I decided to clean and clear out my room today so this is late. I thought I had scheduled ahead until Sunday, but I seem not to have written my blog for yesterday. However, I have been busy and now trying to make up for the fact that I read an entire book yesterday. 

I am on my way to the Chapel and will pray for all my readers and thank you for being so patient when I seem not to have much to say. Our Oakwood Daily Press asked prayers for Anita, Judy, and Larry. I put this in the daily news so all would see it and pray for Anita is my sister-in-law and is having shortness of breath, Judy is her sister who is recovering from a cancer operation, and Larry is a neighbor who asked them for prayers.

The Oakwood Daily Press had a cartoon today showing a man applying for a job. The boss behind the desk says, "There is a gap in your resume...What were you doing in 2020? The applicant for the job replied, "I was washing my hands..."  So true!

May this picture give us peace.

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