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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 I am scheduling this ahead, but it is really Sunday morning and I have just learned of the death of one of our Sisters who went peacefully to God last night at 8:45. I read about it on email this morning and I am feeling the loss as Leontine was one that I was given to visit each week last Lent and so I got to know her. She had not been ill and, since we are quarantined and must stay in our rooms, I was not aware that she was growing weaker. Even before the strict quarantine we are now in, she went to the first shift for meals and I was on the second so I did not see her. She was one who had lived and worked with the poor in New York for years and was still helping many by phone. I think she will be working for prison reform from heaven.

Sunday was also Barbara Carey's 100th birthday. Again, the quarantine made it impossible to see her and even my birthday card written early the day before had no one able to take it over to her. I need to think of all the good things that are happening and be grateful. (I did find a way to get the card to her).

We are having cooler weather today and I am allowed out for a short walk around the patio wearing a mask when no one else is out. I continue to enjoy coloring and find it so contemplative that I would like others to have the same experience. It seems to quiet my soul and fill me with contentment - I am still surprised to find how much I enjoy my Psalm Coloring Book and how grateful I am to have this new way of centering and finding a deep peace.

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