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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Turn your heart always towards God

The Oakwood "Lockdown Daily News" always has a word of inspiration, some news and a really corny joke plus the daily crossword puzzle and the answers to the one of the day before. So far, I have not needed the answers so the crosswords must be easy as I have never been good at solving them. Now, the title of this blog comes from this inspirational word: "Be like a sunflower that turns always towards the sun. Turn your heart always towards God."

I am trying to keep my heart united to God during these days of solitude. I think the fact that I have not seen most of my sisters for three weeks has made me aware of how much the community means to me. I sort of go through the rooms mentally and think about the other 49 and hope they are staying cheerful. I know that we are all praying for all those who are fighting this virus, working to keep the food coming, and those who risk their lives fighting the fires that have been so dreadful this year in the West. We need to pray for much rain out here this winter; California needs rain but we do not get much.

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