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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Stretch Into It

I was struck by the reflection yesterday in my Give Us This Day. It was on the Gospel where Jesus cures the woman who has been bent over, completely incapable of standing erect. The reflection has the title "Stretch Into It" and I hope Sister Miriam Pollard does not mind my sharing her reflection here.

Stretch Into It

The woman was completely bent.


Not just a little bit,

but totally unable to stand upright.

Each of us is to some extent that bent woman.

Each of us can spend our lives looking at mud puddles,

mourning the tragedies and sins of human life, wanting what we have not been given,

resenting what we have been given, afraid of what we will be given.

Creating a whole world of negativity.

God know that is enough to be negative about,

but faith means that we can see through the darkness into the core of light within.

And faith says, 'Believe in it. See it. Bathe in it. Spend prayer time knowing it is there.

Find it. Stretch yourself into it.'

These things, these transient, small and insignificant things,

Compare to the weight of glory they are several doors.

Doors to the joys, the serene and heart-stopping happiness that will steal in and saturate body and soul and spirit world without end. Amen

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