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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Our Lady of the Rosary

 Our Lady has many titles and this is one that must appeal to many. When my mother really wanted something big, she would make the rosary novena - 27 days asking and 27 days thanking and she always received what she really desired. My mother had great faith. 

Reading Bill Barry, S.J. again has made me ponder why we pray, when we pray, and how we pray.

If I am repeating myself here, it is because I am convinced that God just wants us to let Him love us. That is not hard to do as He is always loving us, but I think it is the real reason I go to pray now. Of course, I need to quiet my soul and surrender myself to God so that I can really let Him love me. Sometimes I feel His love, at other times I am just there knowing that He wants to love me even when I do not feel anything. Just sit in silence and see what happens..

Of course there are other kinds of prayer. Sometimes we need to beg God to help us, others, our world... sometimes we need to thank Him for all His gifts to us. Mary is always there to help us.

Just go to God as you are and let Him love you!

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