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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Tuesday

I was going to continue with the life of Mother Hardey, but I am off to the University. I need to get rid of two file cabinets today as they are taking up too much space in my office (I still have two more!!) - Clearing out papers is one thing I hate to do and yet cannot just throw away without looking at what I am throwing out. Still, I have not used anything in those file cabinets for over a year! Pray that I can be strong and just keep pitching! The men are scheduled to move them today but I just found out last night at the end of our two hour staff meeting so felt that I needed to leave at 5:30 to be home with my community and just go in today!! So this is the only blog you are getting.
To end with a spiritual note: Mother Hardey spent her prayer time with the phrase, "Behold this Heart..." We will never get tired of contemplating the Heart of Jesus and His great love for each of us.

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