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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Parable of the Shell

No time to write today, but here is a thought from a little book that I sometimes use mostly for the pictures for prayer. It is from Parables by the Sea by Pamela Reeve and someone gave it to me years ago when I was ill and found just looking at the pictures helped me to pray. She says in The Parable of the Shell that Jesus talks to her on the beach: "In this world you had no choice in your pattern (she had been contemplating the different patterns of the shells on the beach). You did not choose the era of birth, your country, family, social status. You did not choose your form, abilities, limitations. These I choose.
But you are choosing your heavenly pattern. You will be rewarded or suffer loss as you invest the gifts and talents I have given you.

Enough to reflect on today.

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