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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Do you procrastinate? I do. I think I always have. I may be getting worse as I grow older. If I do not need to do it today, I will wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, I say the same thing. I need to set deadlines, write lists, and then play games with myself sometimes to get some things done. I find myself saying that I cannot go swimming until I have cleared my desk. That seems to work, but not when I say "until I iron the clothes" or "take my car for an oil change". I guess I find clearing my desk can be quick and easy compared to other chores. I am happy when I finally do stop my delaying tactics and just tackle the job needing to be done. Why then do I continue to delay? I want to blame it on human nature but think it may be the shadow side of me that really is not disciplined and inclined to be lazy when it comes to things I do not want to do. Now, I shall go and tackle the list on my desk. The sun is out and I do want to swim. Maybe the ironing will get done, but I am not so sure about that!!

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