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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week ends are a wonderful invention!

I woke up this morning so glad that it is Saturday and that I have Sunday tomorrow and both days are free. I know that many do not have a week end free and so I am feeling so grateful. Of course there are many things that must be done today including some preparation for Monday nigh when I am teaching about Spiritual Direction, how to find a good spiritual director (not easy) and how to prepare, set up a contract, and profit from this privileged opportunity. The students in the training Program founded by me in 1987 all are required to have a spiritual director so they are usually interested in what I have to say and I give stories from my own experience so I just need to recall some of these and update my PowerPoint. I also need to return library books and do some ironing but I am free to just do these tasks at my convenience today. It is a real gift and I hope you have it, too.

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