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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Water is such a gift!

I was thinking of how wonderful a gift water is. We cannot live without it. We are made to need it; we have a natural thirst. Without water we die. But God has given us water in abundance in many places in our world. We have the oceans, the seas, the lakes, the lagoons, the rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, and spring fed pools; in Miami we have the bay and all the canals, too. Many homes in Miami also have a swimming pool because of our climate. I get into the pool almost every day and I am so filled with gratitude for this gift of water and the fact that I can immerse myself in it! I used to feel the same when I went out to the lake with my Dad on week ends; sometimes the entire family came, but sometimes it was too much to take my little brothers and so I would leave after an early Mass with my father for the lake. He was moonlighting by selling lake lots to all his friends (this was during World War II) and I would spend the day in the lake!
Now, my prayer is often about the living water that Jesus gives us. But I am also aware that some are suffering today from an abundance of rain that has flooded cities and caused so much damage and loss of life as well as homes. I pray for them today.

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