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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sabbath time

Today is sunny and so I was in the pool early, but also caught up with e-mail and computer work. Now I am just going to have some fun time and maybe curl up with a good book. It is God's day and what a gift! I love the sense of leisure that comes every Sunday. I think God told us to keep holy the sabbath because human beings need to rest; we all tend to overwork, to rush around, to feel busy amid noise and hurry. What we all really need is some quiet time, some silence, some slowing down. I know some like a Sunday nap, but I prefer to read. Then we have community prayer at six and pick up supper afterwards. At home, we always had a big Sunday breakfast and then a roast dinner around four or five and my grandfather and great aunt and uncle would come for dinner. This, of course, was after my brother was born in 1941 when the war with gas rationing made it impossible to continue to go to my paternal grandmother's. She always had all six of her children present every Sunday evening until World War II. She was a real Irish matriarch!

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