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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making Mandalas

This picture speaks to me. I like to draw mandalas in the sand; mandalas are sacred circles like Rose Windows. I also like to make mandalas with magazine pictures. The trick is to let the pictures seize you as you flip through old magazines. When you have torn out enough pictures that either attract you or have made you stop to look because they caught your attention in some way, then spread out your pictures and take time to contemplate what lies before you. After a while, you begin to move the pictures around, looking perhaps for some pattern. It may be that all reflect whatever symbol you want to have at the center of your mandala. You may find that your pictures seem to fall into four sections, perhaps four seasons of your life; they may tell a story of going out and returning, the hero's journey. Sometimes you see two parts; one may be your outer life and the other your inner life. Something will happen if you stay contemplating your pictures. Then you want to cut them so that you can fit them into a circle cut from poster board. You may find yourself pasting over, discarding, changing your original layout, etc. Finally, you have covered you poster board circle with pictures pasted firmly in place. Now place it where you see it often and continue to contemplate it for a few days. If you can then share with a friend or spiritual director, you will find that you have discovered a great deal about yourself in making the mandala! Try it and see!