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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Football Mania

I am trying to find some lovely, calming pictures to post each day as this is such a busy time of the year; it is helpful just to sit and look at nature's beauty and be grateful that God made all in color!

I love college football and was up until midnight last night to watch the University of Miami play Florida State. It was really an exciting game and Miami won only because the last pass was not completed and time ran out. The lead kept changing back and forth and the 81,000 plus audience all were there until the end; I was home watching the game with maybe another 80,000 or more. I do not often have the time to stay for an entire game, but football seems to be an addiction for some. My brother watches all the games he possibly can, both professional football and college so my sister-in-law is one of those football widows on week ends. During the season the men will not agree to go anywhere while a football game is being played.

Sometimes it is good to reflect on the spiritual lessons learned from the game! I have done this and found fruit, but I am off to the University now and thank my readers for having patience with my spur of the moment blogs.