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Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

The International Online Certificate Program is reading "The Interior Castle" for this Unit and following the footsteps of Teresa of Avila as they move through the interior castle. It is a wonderful image seeing our souls as castles. God is everywhere, but there are some rooms in my castle that overwhelm me with God's Presence. I am just wandering around sometimes and exploring; at other times God leads me into the room He wants to meet me in and, unlike Teresa, I often do not see any progression but just God following my desires. This would scare me except that I know my desires come from God.
Yesterday was my niece's birthday and I ask prayers for her. She is going through a tough time and needs all the prayers possible. I also pray for her husband and her four children who range from just four to thirteen.


Unknown said...

Ah, I do remember this segment of the course with fond memories. Blessings.

moira said...

Love your photograph today:)


Helen said...

I think my imagination is running around with the image of my soul as a castle but it does not seem to have much connection with the Interior Castle of Teresa of Avila. However, I am at home in my castle with Jesus and it has room for everyone.
Alex, I read this morning in the paper about the terrible quake and collapse of buildings in Indonesia. You and your country are in my prayer. Helen

Helen said...

Moira, you would love anything from Scotland, I think. Look at Castle Blair; I am sorry that I did not visit it as it was open to the public and in Perthshire!