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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Approaching Holy Week

Here is a quote from Mother Digby that seems appropriate for the eve of Palm Sunday:

"What is the outstanding quality, the lasting mark of a heart taught by His example and grace to love in spirit and truth? The capacity to love, that is to say, the power to suffer and to give. Let us lay at the feet of Our Lord all seeking of personal views and interests, all self-love and self-centeredness; then hearts will meet in love, for all barriers will have fallen. God is then loved above and before all else, and all others for God’s sake."
[Mabel Digby, rscj, 1900, from An Interior Spirit:
Anthology of Writings of the Superiors General of the Society of the Sacred Heart]

I seemed to have picked up a cold and fever so I am forced to take time now to just be - the big problem is that I do not feel like doing anything and I had a long list of things that I thought I needed to do. Now I am just resting and I am sure this is a grace to have time before Holy Week to stop and just be.

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