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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My favorite apparition

This was posted yesterday without a commentary on the picture. Maybe that was a good thing as then you each did your own reflection. I just love the scene where Jesus calls to his disciples from the shore, gives them a huge catch of fish, and then has breakfast prepared for them by the time they drag their overflowing nets to shore. Jesus knows that they are tired and hungry and so has not only prepared breakfast, but Jesus serves them!

We lost air-conditioning on Holy Saturday so we are five nights without and the house is quite hot. It is to be 92 today. We have several people trying to decide what we need as we have lost our air often since we do not have a unit that can cool the entire house. I suspect that it will be next week before we can solve this. I am going to the University early today as it is too hot to stay home. We are eating out just to get cool in the evening so it has been a special Easter week for us.

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