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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jesus heals the blind man in this Sunday Gospel. We are all in need of healing as we are blind to so much. I love the example of showing a lovely sculpture or even a flower arrangement to a group seated in a circle and asking them to paint what they see. Each sees from his or her own perspective. I guess this truth helps us to be tolerant and even humble as we realize that I can only see one angle and need others to help me to see the whole truth.
I am praying to St. Anthony and to St. Helen as I realized this morning that my profession ring was not on my finger. I noticed it before I went into the pool for water exercise so I am sure it must be somewhere in the house and must retrace my steps and look through all that I was packing away, the bag for Good Will, etc. But first I am praying and saying "Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee." I count on the Heart of Jesus to help me to find it but it seems to be linked with the cure of a blind man as I need to be able to see it when looking for it.
Here is a poem that needs reflection and was just sent to me today by a friend:

A Cloth of Fine Gold

[ by Dorothy Walters]

You may think
that first lit flame
was the ultimate blaze,
the holy fire
entered at last.

What do you know of furnaces?
This is a sun that returns
again and again, refining, igniting,
pouring your spirit
through a cloth of delicate gold
until all dross is taken
and you are sweet as
clarified butter
in god's mouth.

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