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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Create a clean heart in me, God...

Last night we had a wonderful meeting with two of our Central Team from Rome. I loved the prayer which was taken from Joyce Rupp's Out of the Ordinary, a book I do not have but would like to have. Anyway, here is just the ending which I think you may like to use today:
"Create a clean heart in me, God. Dust off the unmindful activity that constantly collects there. De-clutter my heart from harsh judgments and negativity. Wash away my resistance to working through difficult relationships. Rinse off my un-loving so the beauty of my generous and kind heart can shine forth. Remove whatever keeps me from following in your compassionate footsteps. Amen."
After the prayer we saw slides from all over the world where we are working in India, Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. It made me feel so proud to see the work the Society is doing in so many places with the poor and the needy and scenes after the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and Japan. I felt part of those ministries just because I belong to the Society of the Sacred Heart. I also was happy to see so many young religious in Africa and Asia and other parts of the world. That was good to see. One way we are passing on the spirituality of the Society to young people today is through leadership training. I guess I felt full of hope when I heard all that is being done in the different regions.
Keep praying as I still have not found my profession ring!

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