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Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week

The Lord arranged it for me to have more time for reading since I am still with a cold but no fever today. I am reading Benedict XVI's second volume on Jesus and liking it; I also am using Adele Gonzalez's latest book on "Life is hard; God is good" and the whole mystery of suffering and evil in our world and will have more to say about that book when I have finished it as it will be one that will be added to my list of Spiritual Books. Today I will try to share a thought from Richard Rohr's "Wondrous Encounters: Scripture for Lent" Rohr speaks of the Gospel of John for Monday of Holy Week and how Mary anoints the feet of Jesus with expensive nard, which is the anointing oil for death. He interprets this as Mary accepting the inevitability and necessity of death for Jesus which Peter and others cannot do. When Judas pretends to prefer the poor to a simple act of love, Jesus' response "appears to be directly from Deuteronomy: There will always be poor in the land. I command you therefore, always be open-handed with anyone in the country who is in need or is poor"(15:11).
Rohr's starter prayer is: God of love and justice, let me know and live that they are not separate. Loving people will do justice, and just people will do their work with love and respect."

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