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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The scent of lavender makes me think of Spring

Lilacs are some of the earliest flowers to bloom and I love the freshness they bring with their scent of Spring.
It is going to be a busy, fun week. I have a friend here from Los Angeles and will take her to see the University and other places of interest; we will eat lunch out and then pick up my sister and brother-in-law and take them to the hotel where we can also pick up our AASH Conference Folder. I will take all to an early dinner as I need to be present for a webcast at Carrollton at 8:00 P.M.- then I am planning on sightseeing on Thursday morning, an early lunch, and back at the hotel to be ready for the Conference which opens at 2:00. I will try to keep you informed each day how things are going, but do not promise that I will be as faithful to the daily blog as usual this week. I hope we are all keeping some of our good (if we are breaking them they must be good for us)resolutions for Lent. This season is one that calls for silent reflection on the life of Jesus and then our own life.

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