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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I am using a very powerful Stations of the Cross for Japan for our community prayer.
The pictures of the suffering people there are chosen in light of each station of the cross. It makes us realize that the suffering in this world continues but God is in our midst and that makes such a difference. However, there are always questions about the "why" of suffering. I have just finished Adele Gonzalez' book, Life is Hard, but God is Good and found it very helpful. It is also very interesting as she shares her own experience of finding God in the midst of different kinds of suffering. I think I read it with my heart and now will go through it again to underline certain passages. Since she has used some of her Journal writings in the book, it has given me the desire to be faithful again to keeping my daily prayer journal. I have just finished the one I began with my retreat last summer so have a beautiful new Journal (gift of my sister when she was here) prepared and will begin it on Easter Sunday. It is easy to begin but not so easy to remember to take the time to jot down something everyday. I try to do it after my morning prayer and find it helpful to look back over the month and see what I have been telling the Lord. Sometimes one sees that petty things have crept into my life and need to be dismissed; at other times I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude when I look back over the gifts received from God each day and how He has been leading me with love and compassion. I always try to get my directees to keep a journal; mine also helps me to be accountable and to reflect on what is happening in my life and how I am finding God in the humdrum routine of daily life.
Why this is my reflection on Good Friday I have no idea, but perhaps it is too much to try to reflect on what this day really means.

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