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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is really here!

Miami is at its best in the winter and now the temperature is climbing so one needs to enjoy these Spring days before the summer is upon us. I wanted to have a quiet, contemplative Sunday; hopefully it can be contemplative, but it is going to be busy. I am still looking for my profession ring; I pray and then think of another spot to look. The problem is that I noticed it only on Saturday morning. Is it in the turkey meatloaf I made on Thursday? I guess I need to eat the leftover meatloaf today to check that out! I am running out of places to look, but keep praying as I am sure God knows what happened to my ring. It has my name with that of Jesus and Mary (in Spanish) and the date of my profession 2/8/1960 - I am not giving up.

Yesterday at Mass I felt that Lent is a splendid opportunity to examine our lives to see how ready we are to accept whatever Jesus sends us. I suspect the way we react to the small things of each day is a good indication of how we are living our lives - do I choose always what pleases Jesus? Or am I trying to please myself?
We need to do some honest reflecting about our choices!
I need to go grocery shopping today as we have 12 for dinner tomorrow and I need to prepare it today! This is not a choice but to do it with joy is what I can choose!

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