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Monday, April 11, 2011

An eventful week that left me so grateful...

Last week was full of wonderful events and my head and heart are so full of good and grateful thoughts and impressions that I do not know where to begin this blog. I was thrilled to hear that many read my reflections each day and have told others about my blog. I am grateful for the many who came up to me during the National Meeting of all our Sacred Heart alums to congratulate me for being the recipient of the Woman of Conscience Award. I am still awed by that. We had a visit from the two Central Team members on Monday, a friend arrived on Tuesday which was a real joy as she stayed in our community; my sister and brother-in-law arrived on Wednesday and we also had a national webcast that night for all RSCJ and I had been asked to give some insights so had to be there for that a bit before it began; then the AASH with all its wonderful talks, seminars, etc. - I gave my seminar twice and it seemed to be a great delight for all as they did not know much or anything about our Mother Lucile Mathevon who was an early pioneer companion of St. Philippine Duchesne and a missionary to the Potowatomi tribe in the Indian territory of what is now Kansas. I learned a great deal myself.
I have just taken my sister and brother-in-law to the airport and will write more later when I wade through several pages of e-mails. We spent last night at the beautiful spot on the Gulf in Key Largo, the Coconut Palm Inn and watched the sun go down and said the rosary together sitting outside in a cool breeze. We had time to swim before dinner and I swam again this morning and am determined to go back to water exercise and to swim every day that I can as I have missed this. I am feeling tired but joyful and grateful!

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