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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Joy

We would wake up at home early on Easter morning and first had to wait for my parents and often my grandmother and aunts to come before we were allowed to begin our searching for what the Easter Bunny may have left us. We each had a basket and went out into the backyard to begin the hunt for Easter eggs. These were dyed by my parents the night before and hidden in the flower beds and shrubs in our yard. My Dad would tell me to stop filling my basket as soon as I had found a dozen but then I could help my sister who had begun the hunt on the other side of the yard. When our baskets each had a dozen eggs, we went inside and were allowed to look for Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies and jellybeans. These would be found behind furniture in our living room and I suspect now that these baskets full of candy and wrapped in cellophane were really brought by my Grandmother and aunts, but maybe they were from my parents - for years I thought they were from the Easter bunny because I had seen the Easter bunny one night when I was four years old. He was on the back porch and took the carrots I had left for him. This made me a firm believer and I was full of Easter joy before I knew why we really were celebrating this Feast every year. I suppose by the time I made my First Communion I did know the real meaning of Easter and that we were meant to rejoice because Jesus was risen from the dead.

I was struck by this quote today from our Constitutions:
Our happiness, our peace, our whole way of being, will be a sign of Him whom we have met and who comes every day of our lives to fulfill God’s Covenant with God’s people.

May we radiate the joy and happiness of Jesus today!
[#69, 1982 Constitutions

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