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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back in Miami

I am home after a marvelous month in California. It was cool and beautiful and I am so grateful for all the prayers that made every part of my trip so wonderful. I had great visits with friends; a very peaceful directed retreat at our retirement home, Oakwood, where I sat in the Chapel and just let the Lord love me. I am going to share the first verse of a psalm that my director gave me the first day of retreat; it actually comes from the Concord Pastor's blog that I have listed on the right; the first verse is one that set the whole tone of the retreat for me.

What an amazing grace, Lord,
that I sit here with you who dwell in the heavens;
that you should choose to sit here with me, as friends do;
that I should speak to you who shape the hearts of all...

I will have more to say tomorrow...and some books to mention, too.

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