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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is a more rugged landscape and is telling me to get to work as there is much labor to be done today and I am very hot - I suspect the Inspector who is here to look at our new installation has turned off the air. I am so spoiled in Miami - I need to think of many things today so will just say that I am still with the idea that it is an amazing grace to be able to sit with Jesus who chooses to sit with me. He knows me and loves me! That is a great reason for gratitude and joy!

Here is a quote from Patricia Garcia de Queveda, a former Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart:

"To believe is to love. To love the world as God has loved it. To believe in God means to open ourselves, to surrender ourselves to Mystery. It means know that we are drawn into the free gift of this Mystery. In the work of creation, God decided to make an "other" different from God's own self, so that together they might begin a love story. This God of love is capable of compassion, of self-gift, and even of loving the apparently unworthy. God's faithful love respects our freedom so much that it will not impose itself. It only offers itself. God's love is revealed to us in the very existence of the world, in material reality, in historical events and, in a special way, in Jesus of Nazareth. This is the faith which gives meaning to life."

That gives us all something to reflect on today.

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