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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Comments Just Found

I just found a great many comments that I did not know I was receiving on this blog. I apologize for not publishing them and answering them, but this new format that just happened a few months ago does not alert me to the comments and I need to look for them; I learn something new each day!
One was a question about getting a picture of Mater. I think you can print one from Google (I think I did that) or you can get really good ones of different sizes from the Associated Alumni Office of the Sacred Heart. I am sure there must be a link to that on our Province website which is listed on the right of this blog.
I am really grateful for the comments and sorry I did not find them to publish and answer immediately. It helps to know what my readers like and I do love hearing from you. After this, I will try to remember to look under comments.
To continue with something on the theme "Contemplate anew the heart of God", our Mother General gave a conference to the group (we still call these months in Rome "Probation" and the young nuns are "Probanists"), and explained how the Society's call to contemplation is a gift which is in us by vocation. She said that it springs from "a compelling love written in our hearts by the Spirit." She quotes both from our Constitutions and from the Chapter Documents of 2008. We are, she says, "invited into a deeper intimacy with God and God's love, and are called to choose in freedom to be transformed into that Love, into being God's heart on earth."
That is a call for all of us, I think. God created each of us unique and we have something to give that no one else can give God as we are one of a kind and therefore very precious in his sight. I think I am still just full of gratitude and joy for my retreat when I just sat with Jesus who chooses to sit with each of us whenever we go to pray. Let God love you today and then tell Him that you are trying to love Him in others!!

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