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Friday, September 14, 2012

Beginning a Gratitude Journal

Last night I began the beautiful Secret Gratitude Journal that has been sitting on my bookshelf and waiting for me.I intend to thank for at least some of the graces and gifts of each day before I go to sleep each night; the journal also asks me to thank for those things that have not yet happened. I think that is a good way to plan for the next day and also thank for being able to see Jesus in each person, etc. I hope I am faithful about keeping this journal as I am sure it will be a source of joy. You are full of joy when really grateful and gratitude also gives joy! One suggesting is to just sit and say "Thank you, God, about twenty times even before beginning to write!!

I have often suggested to others the advantages of keeping a prayer journal and my own journal that I use most days has my daily entry after prayer; a part for some of my favorite quotes, and a part for my preparation for spiritual direction which is really a review of the month trying to be accountable and seeing both the good and the bad. I also have some favorite pictures pasted into the front and back and a few prayers that I have copied so I always have something to use in prayer if I seem uninspired by the Spirit. It helps to look back over the month to see how the Holy Spirit has been leading me, nudging me, and even shoving me into the Heart of Christ.

We had a good reflection group last night and now we will be 15 this year, but one or the other usually cannot be present; fourteen fit in our living room. We eat, pray, and talk about our experience of the book we are reading. It was really a busy day for me beginning with the Mass of the Holy Spirit at St. Thomas University, followed by my weekly lunch with a great friend, then spiritual direction, my faculty faith-sharing group, and a quick trip to the store to get home in time to prepare a friendship salad for the reflection group.

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