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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Contemplate anew the Heart of God

The theme for our group of young nuns preparing for final profession in Rome is "Contemplate anew the heart of God." They have five months together with the two members of the team that guides them through this more contemplative time. They visit the birthplace of our Mother Foundress, make a thirty-day retreat, and share their lives. There are eleven in this group from seven different provinces and different countries and cultures. They will have a wonderful experience and I pray for all of them; one of my community is on the team that plans this time and so I try to keep them in mind and heart during this grace-filled time.
The truth is that we are all called to "Contemplate anew the heart of God." We do this is various ways; I try to enter into the Heart of Jesus each morning and want to see reality with the Heart of Jesus. Jesus came to teach us how much God loves us and how we are to love others. When I contemplate the Heart of God, I realize that God is present in every particle of the universe and is in me! I do not need to make the effort to find Him as He is present, more present to me than I am to myself! I need to be conscious of this, let God love me, and go out and love others as I have been loved! This is easier to say than do but we keep striving to realize the Presence of God within us that allows us to go forth and love others.

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