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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day After Labor Day

I think I am using pictures of calm water each day to calm myself. I guess one always feels a bit rushed after returning from vacation and retreat that had me in California for three and a half weeks. Today I needed to take someone to the dentist and then pick her up but managed to get a great deal done in between and now have taken the car to not only be inspected but to have the necessary things done to it so it will be safe to drive. The free AAA inspection showed worn belts and brakes and so I left the car and will get it tomorrow as I am cooking tonight.
Now, for something more spiritual as I do pray and reflect early each morning. Today was again on gratitude and joy but it was also a reflection on the life of Ines. I realize that I lived with her for almost twenty-four years and she was constantly teaching me the value of a contemplative outlook on life. She lived my favorite quote of St. Madeleine Sophie: "Be humble, be simple, give joy to others." Tonight we are going to try to put together a short biography of her. I know she was the youngest of thirteen children and her mother died when she was only three or four years old. She used to tell me how her father would carry her on his shoulders as they walked to Mass several miles from their home. I also know that two of her sisters entered other religious congregations (I met both of those sisters in June in Bogota and they are so much alike; one could be a fraternal twin but told me she was seven years older than Ines who was just 71) but Ines decided on the Society of the Sacred Heart and never looked back even when she was sent to the United States as a novice without really knowing English.
Her friendliness made her reach out to everyone and she just welcomed everyone into her heart. She loved working with the little ones. She usually was with the three year-olds but also had the four year-olds and it was a joy for me to visit her classroom. She would sit on the floor with the children around her and question them about what she had just taught until she was sure that all had learned whatever the lesson was about.
Ines had a quiet joy and her presence in our community was a gift. She liked to be creative and her flower arrangements were lovely and her way of presenting a platter of food made us all strive to be more creative and artistic in our own cooking efforts.
I guess that is all I can say now as other things await me. It is a joy to know that we have made her room into our Chapel and I feel so close to her when praying there each afternoon.

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