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Friday, September 21, 2012

Letting Go

Beauty in nature always speaks to me of God. I loved the mountains in Chile. This scene is so peaceful.
Yesterday a friend gave me a copy of "Spiritual Life", an old one from the Summer of 2011, and suggested I read the article by Romeo J. Bonsaint, "Reflections on Aging Spirituality" which I did and found excellent.  It closes with a prayer that I thought I would copy here for you. The title is "Letting Go" and applies, I think, to all of us.

Letting Go
Dear God, help me grow old with dignity and wisdom.
As the twilight years cast their shadow upon me,
help my mind remain clear-at peace with the world and with itself.
Let me learn to let go of my bonds with this world- of my need for honor and statue;
of my attraction to physical indulgences;
of my envy of others, of my regrets over all that might have been. - Rabbi Nachman

I will leave you with that for today. I need to "let go" of so much that has accumulated in my closet! I intend to tackle this today!!

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