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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Lady's Birthday

I always have loved this small feast day of Our Lady; birthdays are meant to be days of celebration of the gift of life. Mary is a big part of our lives and she is the one who tells Jesus what we are lacking as she did when she said to Jesus at the wedding celebration, "They have no wine." She knows what each of us lacks and I am sure she reminds Jesus of our needs and then she tells us, "Do whatsoever He tells you."

Wednesday I brought one of my class from the gym home for lunch and we sat and talked for a long time and I told her the story of Mater and then she admired the statue of her that we have in the corner of our dining room.
Telling her the story of the original painting that is in Rome and assuring her that Sacred Heart schools and convents all over the world still have a statue or picture of Mater in a place where she can watch over the comings and goings of all or maybe in a special chapel dedicated to her, made me realize how fortunate I am to have been brought up under the watchful, prayerful gaze of Mater. She does love us, cares for each of us, and leads us to the Heart of her divine Son. Let us celebrate her birthday by the gift of our love and the promise to do "whatsoever He tells us."

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Maureen said...

Is there anywhere I can buy a picture of Mater? - as an Alumna, I have such fond and peaceful memories of Mater's Chapel - I need peace in my life once again.