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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sunset at Santa Cruz

I am trying to keep the fruit of my retreat which was to be grateful, joyful, and try to serve others. I guess my blog is not getting priority time but I think this will change once my life gets some sort of routine again. At present, I guess I am trying to remember some of the moments when I was with Ines and we talked about God. She was a very spiritual person and had so many people that she helped. Earlier this year someone called and was quite astonished to know that Ines had gone back to Colombia. After a minute of silence she said, "Well, I know this number and want to know if I can keep calling it when I need to talk to someone." Ines had a real ministry on the telephone, especially after she was laid up with a broken ankle. She would be talking on one phone and her cell phone would ring and then our other line would ring so she was really trying to handle three calls at once. When my brother or my sister would call, she would start talking to them and asking how they were, etc. before she would call me to the phone. They loved her and did not mind. She was really just interested in everyone.

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