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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday at Home

Sunday is meant to be quiet and peaceful and this lake reminds me of the many Sundays that I spent with my Dad at the lake before I entered. I guess I have always loved the water and now enjoy having a pool where I can swim. I am so grateful for this. When I entered, I thought I would never be able to swim again. Now God is so good to have me in Miami where we have a pool.
This has been our community planning week end and so we went out to dinner last night and sat outside in a lovely spot. The fans kept it cool enough and it was just good to relax together. Tomorrow we will have the RSCJs in our area here for dinner.
What have I been reflecting on today? I suppose I must say that it is just the entire past year with all the joy and gratitude I have that is God's gift to me. I heard from someone at water exercise on Saturday morning about how hard she found last year because she had just retired from teaching and did not know what to do with herself. I love my retirement and never seem to have time to do all that I want. I also no longer have the energy to do all that I want so thank God that I can slow down, have more time for reading, for prayer, for exercise, and, above all, for relationships. I do want to be able to keep up with my friends and many are living in different parts of the world.
I also just keep thinking about how good God is to me. I hope you will be doing the same today!!

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