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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The picture speaks to me of beauty, majesty, God. When I was head of the school in Renaca in Chile, I tried about once a month to bundle up and then went to the shore and climbed through some of the rocks until I found my special place to sit on a flat rock hidden from the shore but with a gorgeous view of the ocean. I stayed until the tide started in as then the spray covered the rock where I used to go to meditate. Somehow, no matter how many problems seemed to be facing me, just to sit and find the immensity of God's love in that ocean flowing into me made all right with the world and gave me great peace. Later, one of the community and I used to go every Wednesday afternoon and sit in the school van and watch the tide come in and then share our week together. It was very life-giving. I think everyone should be in a faith-sharing group, even if only with one other person. I look forward to my group today at the University.

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