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Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday is the Feast of Mater

I am writing to remind all the alums of the Sacred Heart that we have a special feast to celebrate on Saturday.
Mater is dear to us as she is our very own picture of Our Lady when still a young girl. I had the joy of spending five months taking care of the chapel with the original fresco painting of Mater in the niche at the Trinite dei Monte in Rome. On her feast day, priests came from very early in the morning to say Mass at the altar in front of the miraculous picture and beg graces from her. She has always been a source of help for the children of the Sacred Heart and so we celebrate her feast with great gratitude and joy.
Here is a quote I copied from a reflection on Mater by Sister Muriel Cameron; she is urging us to listen to Mater and gives this quote from Sophie:

In 1853, twelve years before her death, St. Madeleine Sophie wrote, “But at least we must unite
solitude to the work we do, and counter this whirlwind with a deep cavern where the soul can take
refuge as often as possible. For this cavern in the rock is the Heart of Jesus.”

Mater, our mother, will teach us how to enter deep into the cavern in the rock - deep into the Heart of Jesus!


Blessed by God - the Best of all Worlds said...

Dear Helen,
I saw Mater in 1959 under your loving care. We met again there after knowing each other at Clifton. It made the visit that much more special. Happy Feast.
Love and peace,
Cathy O

Jim Conley, Hardey '58 said...

Thanks, Sister Helen. You're so right about Mater being of such great importance for each Sacred Heart alumn. Her statue at Hardey/Sheridan Road was just byeond the vestibule at the school's lower entrance, facing the corridor that led towards Hardey in one direction and the refectory in the other -- welcoming us in the morning and bidding us farewell as we left each day! Wonderful!