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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Called to be united with Christ...

Praying in the Spirit "means being fully convinced that prayer is a great gift given by the Father."
Again, I am quoting from Open Mind, Faithful Heart, and Pope Francis says that we "pray to the Father, by the Son, in the Holy Spirit." He goes on to tell us that we pray with Jesus, "as sons and daughters in the Son, lovers of the one and only Beloved." That is what Jesus means when He tells us to pray in His name. "Such prayer assumes a real connection with Jesus, a connection that is not just notional or sentimental but life-giving...Praying in Jesus' name implies our participation in the life of Jesus, a participation that is realized concretely in mutual love..."We are called to be united with Christ and to be like Christ, knowing that we are loved by the Father as the Son is loved."

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