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Sunday, November 10, 2013

You are God's delight!

I hope you really believe that you are God's delight. I am going to continue with some of the reflection of Sister Miriam Pollard, a Sister of Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita, Arizona, taken from her book The Listening God: "...Christ sits ever by the well, waiting for us to come and draw, waiting to give, waiting to be comforted, not by the dream we've cooked up for tomorrow, but by the reality of today. He wants what is possible this moment, a surrender to the privilege of being just this self instead of the one we'd rather be (and knock ourselves out trying to construct). From this point, he will indicate our road, a road especially built for this person he has brought so far and cherishes and has his own intentions for."

I am going to continue with this tomorrow as I think my readers prefer brief entries and then have time to reflect on whatever strikes them.  Have a happy, peaceful, Sunday!

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