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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Even as I wrote the title about preparing for Thanksgiving, I thought that every single day is a real Thanksgiving if we are alert and aware to thank for all the gifts we receive beginning with the gift of life. In Miami there are stories in the daily news of children and others being shot in drive-by shootings. Life is such a precious gift and there are people out there that are destroying it without any reason.
Besides the gift of life, we have our health to thank for and our five senses, and the food we eat, the bed we sleep in, the hot water that is taken for granted so often in the United States where we can shower daily; we have all we need and all is gift so let us take time to thank God each day for His love and mercy and many gifts to us. Let us also thank for the world we live in: the ocean, the mountains, the lakes, the trees, the change of seasons, the flowers, etc.
This was posted by mistake as it is for Tuesday! Sorry about this but maybe we are to really start thanking for all the gifts we have before Thanksgiving!

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