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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Open Mind, Faithful Heart

I think that I am learning to ask myself each time I open the book, Open Mind, Faithful Heart: "Is my mind open to receive, is my heart faithful? How can I be more receptive to these reflections? And then I keep going back to the one on "The Mystery of Talking with God." It is a mystery. I have been a spiritual director now for over forty years and every one is unique and develops his or her own relationship with God. I stand in awe of the way God relates to each and I am humbled by the sharing of deep prayer experiences with the Triune God.
Pope Francis says, "While the force and the potential of all prayer lies precisely in letting ourselves be assisted by the Spirit, the concrete setting of prayer is this identification with Christ Jesus.In him we have access to the Father..."  I keep going back to the thought that it is really amazing but Jesus waits for us; He chooses to sit with each of us and talk with us as one friend speaks and is silent with another. Lord, open my mind, my whole self to hear You and give me a faithful heart to follow You wherever You may lead me!

Today is also the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple and the  213th birthday of  the Society of the Sacred Heart. It is a special feast for all of us and holds many memories. As young nuns, there was always a three-day retreat (amid all the work of the school!) to prepare for this day. Now, one must remember feasts and celebrate in new ways. I am still so happy with my time of extra prayer at the Forty Hours. It is such a grace just to be able to sit in the Presence of God.

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