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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Kingship of Christ

This Sunday's Gospel for the Feast of Christ the King has Jesus being mocked on the Cross; it makes us realize that the kingdom of God is not one of glory and power in this world but one of service, sacrifice, total love and commitment to saving human life from sin and, instead, we are called to follow the example of Jesus and to carry the cross. Each of us has some share in the mystery of the redemption of the world and each of us is called to carry our own cross but Jesus is with us and God never asks of us more than He gives us the grace to bear. I find suffering is a mystery; there is a value in seeking justice, helping others, giving up time and resources so that others are aided, but there is also a value in this carrying the cross in our daily lives. The saints found joy in following in the footsteps of Jesus. They embraced the joys and the sorrows as part of life and thanked Jesus and so we pray, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom."

May you have a blessed Saturday and remember to thank the Lord for all He sends us; we will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving and so should be aware of the many graces and gifts of each day and thank God for them! I am going back to my gratitude journal which really helps me to have a positive attitude and take notice of the good things each day.

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