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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What gives you strength to move forward?

Apathy is a reality that can be a daily threat for all of us. Pope Francis, in Open Mind, Faithful Heart, says that we "need to be humbly aware that it is always with us. That is why we must nourish ourselves with the word of God, which gives us strength to continue moving forward." The underlining is mine. He continues to tell us that the temptation to apathy is why we "must seek the joy that comes only from the Lord when he finds us keeping watch, searching for him in the many moments when he becomes present in our ministry."
Here are the questions the Francis asks after suggesting we pause a moment and review our lives:
What guises does apathy assume in me?
In what situations of my life am I tempted to feel weariness and to flag in my resolve, so that I end up almost paralyzed?
I guess I just need to look at the situations where I know I should act and instead procrastinate - I have not thought much about apathy as I usually am enthusiastic and determined, but I do put off writing letters and now I do everything accept work on the writing of the Life of Lucile Mathevon. I count on your prayer to keep me going as I say I want to write her life and keep postponing the actual work of writing!!! I guess this is apathy and I did not recognize it!

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